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Teams, Rosters, Schedules released...

It never fails that we run in to a challenge or two with the rosters and schedules despite our best efforts to help your families with scheduling! This was no exception!

460 players are now properly assigned to their teams along with 80 coaches. The program will support over 300 games in the next 6 weeks so lets get to it!

Search is replacing static pages for quicker access....(I Hope!)

When you visit Citykids, simply type in your child's name right in to the search bar and results will (should!) take you right to your child's team master page where you can see coaches, the roster and access the schedule.

Look for this button to get to this Saturday's schedule

..and on mobile you can simply use the search bar to locate your team:

Now that you know your team (if you don't already!) you can then simple tap on the team logo to access the same information or simply continue using the search bar as needed.

In trying to make access to the information easier for everyone, i introduced some complications on my end so here's hoping this is working and my apologies for not helping with you and our busy lives!


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