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Getting Ready for Game Day: A Reminder of the Rules and Conduct

Welcome to Gameday 1 on the Evans Field pitch! As of now, games are still on as scheduled, but please keep an eye on email and Instagram notice, we if need to postpone/cancel some game times due to conditions.

Citykids FC – Spring 2024 Playing Rules 

K 0: Not applicable

K 1: Not applicable

K2/Grade 1: Lightly enforced to introduce (By coaches)

Grade 2/3: Enforced with explanation and "re-do's" as see fit (By coaches)

Grade 4/5/6: Enforced, USSF Referee’s when available, coaches/parents when not


Gameplay Rules:

  • Grade 2/3 and Grade 4/5/6: 7v7 (6 Field, 1 Goalie)

  • 2 X 25  minutes Halves with a 5 minute half-time break.

  • No Use of the head or hands.

  • No Parents are allowed to enter the field of play for ANY REASON, unless to attend to an injured child. 

  • If a Coach is confronted with an adversarial situation at any time they must seek out Drew or Mark or David or Lyndsay immediately.

  • No Changing ends at half time.

  • Offsides: Obvious offsides should be called - for example a player located a couple feet beyond defender.  

  • Throw-ins: Completed with 2 feet planted, ball over head.  Incorrect throws will result in (1) repeat, not change of possession.  After (1) repeat, it will result in a change of possession.

  • Tripping and Shoving: Obvious shoves and trips should be called. If the infraction is deemed severe or agressive, a 2 minute timeout can be issued to the offending party.

  • Hand Balls: Called when intentional, ref/coach discretion.

  • Goal kicks: Opposing team to retreat to midfield.

  • Goalies: No hands used on pass back.  Once picked up on save and placed down, can not pick ball up again.  

  • Free kicks and indirect kicks are allowed.

  • Players should be removed from game for 5 minutes if disrespectful to ref/coaches.

  • Substitute players (Team bench) should be on the sideline, not behind or around the goal.

  • Tie Game - 5 minute OT - running clock no sudden death.  Games end in draw after the 5 minutes if goal is not scored. (Playoffs will result in Penalty kicks after 5 min OT)

FIFA mandated rules with a little bit of "best judgement"

Coaches Code of Conduct

Parents Code of Conduct


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