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Welcome to the Coaches Corner 

About Coaching

As a parent-run organization, we are always looking for volunteer help!  If you would like to pitch in and coach, please take a quick read through the following information and fill out the form below. 

Help us to create a fun, competitive, but most importantly an enjoyable day each weekend! 


Coaching Guidelines 

1. Set a positive example

As a coach, you are a role model for the players. Make sure to demonstrate positive behavior on and off the field, such as good sportsmanship and respect for others. Should there be a challenge presented by a parent, immediately seek our support! 

2. Keep it fun

Players are more likely to enjoy Footy and continue playing if they are having fun. Create an atmosphere of enjoyment and positivity during practices and games.

3. Emphasize sportsmanship

Encourage players to respect their opponents and referees, and to play fairly. Teach them that winning is not the only important thing, and that good sportsmanship is a crucial part of the game.

4. Be Prepared

Keep up to date with us on the latest coaching changes and updates to the program. If you are not a soccer expert, don't hesitate to seek out support from other coaches or the program. Its not a complicated sport!  

Remember, as a coach, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of our young players.

coaches application

Coaches Application

Please fill out and submit this form:



Please provide some specific information about you that allows us to conform to certain CORI requirements. For more information on this process and the conditions of submission, please read here:

If you would prefer to complete this process manually, please reach out and we can assist.

** Your data is not shared at any time with anyone. Once approved, your information is immediately deleted and a record of your approval is all that remains so that we have a record of this for future seasons. 



Please take a moment to answer the following questions: 

Have you ever been charged with, convicted of, plead no contest, or guilty to any crime(s) involving or against a minor, or of a sexual nature?
Have you ever been convicted of or plead no contest or guilty to any crime(s)?
Do you have any criminal charges pending against you regarding any crime(s)?
Have you ever been refused participation in any other youth programs and/or listed on any youth organization ineligible list?
Do you have children in the program?


Finally - SO that we can process and assign you correctly.....

Upload File

As a condition of volunteering, i give permission for CItyKids Sports Programs Inc to conduct a background check now and while i continue to be involved with the program. The check may include a review of sexual offender registries, child abuse and criminal history records. 

I understand that, if appointed, my position is conditional upon the program receiving no inappropriate information on my background. I hereby release and agree to hold harmless from liability CitySports Programs Inc, CityKids FC,  the officers, employees and volunteers thereof, or any other person or organization that may provide such information. I also understand that, regardless of previous appointments, City Sports Programsn Inc is not obligated to appoint me to a volunteer position. If appointed, I understand that, prior to the expiration of my term, I am subject to suspension by the President and removal by the Board of Directors for violation of City Sports Programs Inc policies or principles.

Thanks. We will be in touch via email.

Gameplay Rules

FIFA mandated rules with a little bit of "best judgement"

  • 2 X 25  minutes Halves with a 5 minute half-time break.

  • No Off-Sides.

  • No Use of the head or hands.

  • No Set Pieces. (use Coaches Discretion)

  • Throw-Ins are enforced. Feet behind line, Ball thrown from over head.

  • No Parents are allowed to enter the field of play for ANY REASON, unless to attend to an injured child. 

  • If a Coach is confronted with an adversarial situation at any time they must seek out Drew or Mark or David or Lyndsay immediately.

  • No Changing ends at half time.

  • U8 Cohorts will need to keep score.  - Please tell Drew the score at the fields after the games (Text/Email also work). Before notifying Drew, please confirm score with opposite coach so there are no disagreements.


The Ferrara Cup (Coming Soon)

The Annual Spring cup for the senior cohort! 

The Coaches Gallery (Coming Soon)

An Assortment of stunning pictures of stunning people! 

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