Welcome to the Coaches Corner 
The Boston Bolts are paying for any of our parent coaches who are seeking to improve their coaching accumen! All courses are online, fun and super informative. 

Coaching Gameplay guidelines 

  • 2 X 25  minutes Halves with a 5 minute half-time break.

  • No Off-Sides.

  • No Use of the head or hands.

  • No Touching  the ball at any time - Coaches please retrieve.

  • No Set Pieces. (use Coaches Discretion)

  • Throw-Ins are enforced. Feet behind line, Ball thrown from over head.

  • No Parents are allowed to enter the field of play for ANY REASON, unless to attend to an injured child. 

  • If a Coach is confronted with an adversarial situation at any time they must seek out Drew or Mark or David or Lyndsay immediately.

  • No Changing ends at half time.

  • U8 Cohorts will need to keep score.  - Please tell Drew the score at the fields after the games (Text/Email also work). Before notifying Drew, please confirm score with opposite coach so there are no disagreements.