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SB Gunners. Tryouts Guidelines for Coaches 

Hello Coaches,

Thanks for offering to coach the kids in our first travel season! ​


Tryouts will be held at 6PM on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th June at Evans Field. 

In preparation for tryouts, below are a few things that you need to be aware of:


Please do your best to  arrive 30 minutes early (5.30) and check in with Citykids Staff. We will provide you with roster sheets, field assignments and simple guidelines for a fun and enjoyable session.  

Tryout’s Length/Structure:

The tryouts will be from 6PM-7.15PM. Coaches and volunteers will divide the players into teams and let them play so the players can express themselves freely. Have the players be themselves and have fun. Please encourage parents not to coach from the sidelines.

Coaches equipment:

Confirmed and Prospective team coaches will be in attendance and participating in the tryouts process to ensure this event is enjoyable for everyone. Please bring a whistle or ask for one when you arrive. 

At The Tryouts

The format will be a running scrimmage with no goalies (unless one is attending tryouts in which case they can tend goal). Please be sure to keep the action moving by limiting un-nescessary stoppages (off-sides for example are not enforced) and moving the ball back in to play when needed.

- If a goalie is not present, scoring should be limited to within 5 yards of the small goal. A tap-in essentially - we are trying to prevent long shooting on open goals and encourage time for all the kids on the ball. 

- Please refrain from conducting specific drills. Ensuring that all kids participate in the same format removes  the likelihood of complaints. Simple scrimmaging prevents long stoppages of play or groups waiting, and sets a casual fun tone for the session. 


- If the field you are watching has rotating teams (one team is waiting on the sidelines) please limit the rotation to a maximum of 5 minutes


- Please do not move kids around from there assigned groups if possible. 

- Please exercise best judgement if you witness any type of unsportsmanlike play, stop proceedings and discipline (as you would if coaching your community team) and seek support from staff as needed. 

- Please refrain from communicating with parents regarding team selection. 

After Tryouts:

Coaches and staff will gather and compare notes, and have a meeting regarding their assessments prior to June 12th.


Regardless of the assessment, every player who attends the tryouts will receive an email by June 12th letting them know the next steps. Citykids staff will co-ordinate all follow conversations, support selection and manage communications on your behalf. 

Thanks once again for your commitment. We are simply not here doing this fun stuff without you.

See you tonight and tomorrow! 

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