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Tryouts preparation.

Thank you for registering for the tryouts. We are excited to be moving forward with travel programming for the community.

In preparation for tryouts, below are a few things that you need to be aware of:


Evans Field, South Boston, MA


Please arrive 15 minutes early to give yourself and the coaches time to check you in. Your player will receive a numbered Pinney that they will be required to wear during the session.


Please make sure the players have water and shin guards.

Tryout’s Length/Structure:

The tryouts will be from 6PM-7.15PM. Coaches and volunteers will divide the players into teams and let them play so the players can express themselves freely. Have the players be themselves and have fun. No coaching from the parents' side.

Coaches and staff:

Confirmed and Prospective team coaches will be in attendance and participating in the tryouts process to ensure this event is enjoyable for everyone.

After Tryouts:

Coaches and staff will gather and compare notes, and have a meeting regarding their assessments.


Regardless of the assessment, every player who attends the tryouts will receive an email by June 12th letting you know the next steps.

As a community program will will make every effort to marry broad inclusion with fielding competitive teams. There are quite a few moving parts and given that its our inaugural season, Our focus on being thoughtful to all might mean it takes us a little longer than normal to communicate. Please take our best efforts in to consideration as we go through this process together.


Again, on behalf of all of us at CK, we want to thank you for considering this new program.


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